The Polish Kidney Association associates dialyzed Patients in the territory of Poland. The member of the Association may be every citizen of the European Union country or living on the territory of the European Union country, in particular:

  • dialyzed,

  • with the chronic renal failure,

  • after the transplantation,

as well as the legal representatives and carers of the people mentioned above.

The fundamental goals of the Association include:

  1. The consolidation of an environment of dialyzed people and patients with the chronic renal failure, in the purpose of common representation and protection of their interests against every authorities, agencies and people.
  2. Undertaking of common initiatives for the organization of dialyzes development and popularization of the newest achievements of science on the field of prophylaxis, treatment, recuperate and rehabilitation.
  3. Mutual aid.
  4. Speaking out in the public issues, influencing on the lives of the Association members.

The Association realizes its goals by:

  • Agreeing the common position for contacts with the authorities, offices and people influencing the substantial issues.
  • Cooperating with the environment bodies interested in the field of the Association activities, including the support in deceases preventing.
  • Initializing and furtherance of new undertakings in the best interests of the Association members
  • Conducting of the publishing and lector activity
  • Organizing an exchange of the patients between centers in the recreational purposes
  • Giving a financial aid for Members of the Association
  • Organizing an exchange of the patients between centers in the recreational purposes.
  • The Polish Kidney Association was registered on the 7th of January 2004 (KRS 0000186438)

The Board of Management:

  • Iwona Mazur – President
  • Mirosław Mańka – Member of the Board
  • Dorota Ligęza – Member of the Board


12 Wilczy Stok Str.; PL 30-237 Krakow

VAT: 6452323383

IBAN: PL 12 1160 2202 0000 0000 8358 5682


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